Focus on Piglets concludes its first edition

The “Focus on Piglets” Photo Contest organized by Produmix has concluded its first edition with the completion of the journey by the winner, Mercedes Cotolí, from Argentina.

The chosen destination was Spain. After a long stay in New Zealand, she made a stopover in the country of origin of her family, more precisely she visited the Galicia region.

-Mercedes, Why did you choose Spain and in particular Galicia as your destination?
My parents’ grandparents came from Luintra, an Ourense village. I have enjoyed photographing with granaries and “lavandeiras” background. I think that was so called the place where women gathered to wash clothes.

-Personally speaking. Has it been emotional?
Yeeeees! In Ourense I contacted with cousins. Thanks to technology and after so many years, we are in contact with them again, very happy. My grandmother still cannot believe I’ve been in their father’s land.

-Some project…
I’m working on my personal website with all the new material, and there is a series of photos that I like so much from Ourense, but it is not yet finished.

-Something that has caught your attention…
I was surprised by the joy of life you can appreciate in Spain. You can summarize it in the importance given to gastronomy: You really know how to eat!

-… And feed piglets. Finally, Mercedes, a goodbye sentence.
There are very strong roots linking us to Spain and it was a real pleasure to have been in this land.”

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