We lived an intensive month of March and attended several important sectorial events all around the world, with the objective of presenting our new products and thanking our clients their confidence throughout our 25-year history.

Among the aforesaid, there are two international fairs which specially outstand: VIV Asia (Thailand, 15-17th March) and FIGAN (Spain, 28-31). There, our team had the chance to exchange their knowledge with other experts and carry some activities out to celebrate our 25th anniversary.

Likewise, our staff also were in the Hog Convention (Philippines, 30th March-1st April) and the XIII Congreso Internacional de Reproducción Porcina (México, 30-31), where we were the official sponsor.

The feedback that we were given after all these events was encouraging and, both our workers and customers, declared to be very satisfied with our presence. It is expected that we will keep participating in similar events and our different departments are already working on the corresponding arrangements.

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