Produmix, the company specialized in base mixes for piglets, keeps betting for innovation and it is currently working in various research projects with universities and other international reference centers.

This type of collaborations has been carried out along several years and it is part of its program of investment in R&D&I. Among these international projects, there are two which specially stand out:

  • SaltGae: The European Comission approved a budget of 10,000 million euro for this H2020 project and there are 19 companies participating in it. Produmix supplies its knowledge in animal feeding and production and, among other tasks, evaluates the algae nutrient profile. Based on this, Produmix’s team will carry out protocols to compare algae’s nutritional characteristics with other standardized raw materials.
  • EUROSTARS ENTAN: Produmix leads this international project whose objective is to analyze the most suitable sources of tannins for piglet nutrition, as well as study the necessary encapsulation process to eliminate the negative aspects of this new raw material. Likewise, they will be tested as an alternative to antibiotics and a system based on cleaner production principles will be considered, keeping in mind ammonia in urine and CO2 emissions. The approved budget for this project is €790,442.

So far, the expectations of the Spanish company remain high and these projects are expected to bear notable results in the future, so that both Produmix and the scientific community can benefit.

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