When we aim to make feedlot entry as safe as possible

At this point in the life cycle of the pig, animals from many different backgrounds are mixed together. In addition, feedlot entry causes significant stress for the piglets, affecting growth quality, weakening them on an immunological and digestive level and consequently predisposing them to digestive diseases.

Produmix has developed two types of base mixes which meet the needs of this phase.

Developed to meet the nutritional requirements of the piglets at feedlot entry.

It provides excellent piglet adaptation between the starter and growth feeds. It also reduces the cost of medication in fattening-entry feed.


  • Maximised bone and muscle development.
  • Improved performance.
    • Maximum growth.
    • Better
  • Optimum digestive health.
    • Absence of enteric problems.
    • Increase in intestinal immunity.
    • Greater growth of beneficial gut flora.


When they are developing fastest

Stabilised, high-quality vitamin and mineral premix, formulated to maximise the yields of pigs in the development and fattening phases.

Adapted to meet the requirements of pigs for their full development from 70 days old.


  • Optimal piglet growth.
  • Higher conversion rate.
  • Considerable growth of beneficial microbial flora.
  • IImproved intestinal immunity.
  • Reduced time in the finisher barn.
  • Better cost return per kilo of feed.
  • Less pollution: lower levels of nitrogen and phosphor in manure.
  • Stronger bones: avoids injuries caused by fights.
  • Improved quality of pork (better texture and nutritional elements).

This is a prototype programme. Please feel free to request your own.

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