In the Iberian nutritional programme, we take into account the specific needs of this breed, in order to provide it with the nutrients and supplements required to achieve suitable growth and meat quality in line with the required standards.

The diets are formulated taking into account the amino acid and protein levels
We take care of the fatty acid levels.

At Produmix, we have spent years studying the Iberian breed. This has allowed us to develop nutritional programmes which are suitable for any production system. The nutritional programmes for Iberian piglets are custom-designed by our nutritionists who specialise in the Iberian.

One of the most important features of the Iberian breed is its low genetic capacity for muscle tissue development. That's why our base mixes focus on taking maximum advantage of their voracious appetite in order to make them grow as much as possible, with the appropriate balance of muscle tissue and adipose.

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The stage in which the muscular system that will mark their growth potential is formed.

It is important that colostrum is taken, as it is the main source of energy and immunity for piglets.


During gestation, the addition of the right mineral and vitamin level nourishes the placenta and ensures better growth of the embryo's vital organs, such as the liver and the lung, as well as improved development of the muscular system.

In lactation, the combination of phytonutrients stimulates the production of antibodies that will subsequently be transferred to the colostrum, leading to better development of the immune system.

"Aroma breeding" enables us to achieve the "imprinting" effect, thereby avoiding post-weaning stress. The piglet consumes it from the foetal phase through the placenta and amniotic fluid, and it will be present in the feed of subsequent phases.



The piglets must get used to solid food.

Their thermoregulatory system is not very efficient.

The piglets do not secrete the enzymes necessary for digestion.


The base mix of this phase contains the same aromas as the embryonic phase, which means that it improves palatability and increases feed intake.

The synergic combination of prebiotics, probiotics and exogenous enzymes contribute to proper adaptation to solid food and its maximum utilisation.



Digestive and immune system with limited enzymatic capacity.

Atrophy of intestinal villi and risk of diarrhoea.


In this phase, the Produmix base mix contains enzymes, probiotics and prebiotics (which improve feed digestibility and the utilisation of phytate phosphorus), and gut flora stabilisers (which create an intestinal biological barrier, preventing the development of pathogenic flora).

The improved utilisation of raw materials, together with the improved state of health, leads to better growth (GMD) and a lower conversion rate (CR).



Immature digestive system and continued risk of diarrhoea.

Growth dispersion and a need for different handling practices


In this phase Produmix aims to maximise growth at the lowest possible cost, decreasing the percentage of small piglets in each batch, and providing a high level of intestinal safety which enables a reduction in the use of antibiotics.

This is a prototype programme. Please feel free to request your own.

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