PRODUMIX completes the nutrition cycle of the piglet, focusing on the formation of the animal.

The PRODUMIX sow program combines adequate nutrition with good sow management in the different phases of its production cycle.

All phases of the sow's reproductive cycle are interrelated and the effects of nutrition in one cycle can be reflected in the next cycle.


The PRODUMIX program for the nutrition of hyperprolific rearing sows focuses on achieving correct growth and body development including the reproductive system, achieving physical and physiological objectives at the first mating, ensuring good yields at the first calving and achieving a long stay on the farm.


In the gestation and peripartum stage, our nutritional program aims to achieve an adequate level of reserves at farrowing, minimize embryonic losses, guarantee an adequate level of mineral reserves so that they can face lactation later, improve the well-being of pregnant sows in terms of intestinal health and with diets high in fiber and to ensure proper development of breast tissue and adequate production of good quality colostrum and milk.


During the lactation stage, the PRODUMIX diet aims to achieve the adequate quantity and quality of milk so that the litters have an adequate and homogeneous weight, all of this, guaranteeing that the sow is in good condition to maximize post-weaning performance.

Benefits for the sows

Stimulates the immune system of the sow.

Reduces the loss of reserves during lactation.

Reduces stereotypies.

Increases the productive life of the sow.

Improves leg and hoof health.

Improves the digestion processes, increasing feed efficiency.

Maximises liver function.

Improves bone maintenance.

Reduces the prevalence of lameness.

Benefits for the piglets

Production of higher number of viable piglets

More uniform litters with higher weights at birth.

Optimal development of the muscular system.

Improved development of the digestive system.

Prevention of post-weaning stress due to the "imprinting" effect.

More uniform litters with improved weight at weaning.

Contributes to development of the digestive system of the piglet.

Increases milk production.

Enriches the colostrum, with the necessary vitamins and minerals being transferred to the piglet. Improves immune system development.

Decreases pathogenic pressure, which contributes to a lower incidence of digestive problems, decreasing the percentage of runts and the piglet mortality rate.

This is a prototype programme. Please feel free to request your own.

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