Committed to our clients in optimizing their results.

Our philosophy is to be close to our clients and to know in depth their circumstances and aspirations. This allows us to provide you with personalized technical advice to offer you the optimal solutions for your needs.

To obtain improvements in production yields, we must accompany correct nutrition, with the necessary improvements in biosafety, disease prevention and adequate management for each phase.

Our technical team is committed to your production advising you and working on the farm to overcome your productive weaknesses, enhance your strengths and solve your objectives in the most efficient way.

Our technical team is at your side to:

Create formulas based on your needs and adjust them when production changes, raw materials, etc. occur.

Design nutritional programs as they respond to the objectives set

Provide advice on pig production

Visit your farm and compile reports

Train in nutrition and management



Our nutritionists consider the raw materials and the productive circumstances of each client to create the appropriate formulas for their objectives and achieve improvements in their productivity.


After a detailed study of the situation of the exploitation and its resources, our technical team designs an improvement plan to achieve the proposed objectives, adapting to the deadlines and available resources.


We study the conditions of each of our clients and design a customized protocol that progressively helps them to eliminate the medication in their production process.


We offer a service of analysis of raw materials and feed.

On the other hand, we help our clients to comply with the HACCP protocols required by the Administration.

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  • Camino de Alberite 41.
    26006 Logroño, La Rioja - España
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