"The first 70 days in the nutrition of piglets are crucial to determining their potential growth and development"

We have to make the most of this period and prepare the piglets so that they reach their maximum potential.

At Produmix, we have spent 25 years innovating and developing base mixes and nutritional solutions for piglets, and are continuously seeking to improve nutritional solutions that meet the challenges faced by our clients.

With this in mind, our base mixes for piglets undergo a process of continuous improvement. This ensures that they are always in line with the changing circumstances of our markets and that they perform the key function of optimising our clients' business and making it profitable.

Focusing on clients' needs and objectives and taking into account the raw materials, handling practices and farm conditions, as well as other external factors, the technical department focuses its work on each client in order to meet their objectives as efficiently as possible.

The objectives of Produmix are focused on:

Increased safety and a reduction in antibiotics. Decreasing the percentage of piglets with digestive disorders which lead to a higher percentage of losses, sick piglets and an increase in the conversion rate.
Increased consumption of post-weaning feed to prevent the typical weight loss in the first week post-weaning, and stimulation of digestive development.
Optimum average daily gain up to 70 days post-weaning, in order to decrease the cost of daily installation in the transition room.
Improved conversion ratio and decrease in cost per Kg of stock.
Greater homogeneity and reduction in runts and losses.

This is a prototype programme. Please feel free to request your own.

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