PRODUMIX at the VI Swine Congress of Panama

13 вересня 2016

PRODUMIX was one of the sponsors of the VI Swine Congress of Panama, held on August 18th and 19th in Panama City and organized by the Association of Pork Producers (APROCERPA).

The congress had a tight program of lectures with great interest for the professionals of the sector. Among them, the one held by Pablo Conde Martínez, Global eTchnical Manager of PRODUMIX: “Improvement of homogeneity of piglets during the transition period.

Pablo Conde presented several studies developed in different farms that demonstrate how nutritional programs with PRODUMIX nucleus promote uniformity in litters of piglets. This avoids large deviations in weight between piglets from the same litter from hyper prolific mothers.

In addition to the conference program, there was an exhibition area in which PRODUMIX had a booth where attendees could learn more about the company, its products and the nutritional solutions for piglets provided by the brand.


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