We invest so that we can stay close to our clients, as we know that active collaboration is the key to success

Our founders are from a family with a long farming history. They therefore understand and are able to meet the needs of a pig farm. Aware of how important the feeding of piglets is to their subsequent development, Produmix was established with the aim of innovating in piglet nutrition, creating high-quality feeding programmes aimed at maximising their growth and digestive health. However, we always take into account that these solutions must be profitable and adapted to each farm.

We are committed to helping producers find the most profitable nutritional solution to enable them to achieve their objectives. PRODUMIX focuses on the design and innovation of high-quality nutritional programmes aimed at meeting the different needs of pig farmers (growth, profitability and safety) in the early stages of the pig's life.

To do this, we develop state-of-the-art nutritional base mixes for piglets, based on exhaustive research projects in which we take into account the genetic, physiological and metabolic factors of the piglet.

 We are a company continuously seeking to improve nutritional solutions that offer our customers increased profitability.

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